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New Huawei image recognition patent can determine genetic facial expression



Huawei Face Recognition

In December 2017, Huawei filed a patent related to image recognition technology that recently gets the approval of China Intellectual Property. Although the patent approval procedure is quite difficult and long, this document took more than three years to make the review process.

According to the information, the company announced a new patent entitled “Training Method and Device for Family Recognition Network Model” with the announcement number CN109993026B in China on August 20. The method uses a high-end recognition algorithm for facial expression.

Working Style:

  • At first, it captures a face recognition network model
  • Then inputs numerous preset images in the network model
  • Uses a triple loss function to distinguishes between the face parameters, and the first and second feature distance
  • After the complete parameter adjustments, the method is done with face recognition network model process

The Triple Loss Function: The smooth convex function relationship with the facial features distance and preset image features is defined as the triple loss function.

Furthermore, this patent stated that the method is able to determine one’s genetic facial characteristics. This ability indicates the higher accuracy of the recognition network model.

Huawei Image Recognition Patent

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Previous Patent:

On the same day. Huawei also revealed its thermal management patent. It can help in reducing the seat water circuit heat through a battery water circuit in a smart car.

The inside seats in the vehicle have a water cooling management system on both sides- front and rear. This method ensures a moderate temperature in the environment for a more convenient traveling experience throughout the journey.

(Source: Sina Finance)

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