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New Huawei Bluetooth technology patent gets authorized, can find Bluetooth devices accurately



Huawei Bluetooth Connection technology

Bluetooth is a well-known technology and it’s widely known among device users. Related to this, Huawei’s new patent has been passed for a method and electronic device for finding objects via Bluetooth. The patent is registered with publication number CN110460981B.

As per the information, this new technology can increase the probability of finding a Bluetooth object and save search resources. According to the patent abstract, the method includes different stages, which are mentioned below:

  • The server receives a search request which contains the first location and identification of the Bluetooth device sent by the first device.
  • In the first search range, at least one device is determined by using the first frequency and first density. And a search task carrying the above-mentioned identifier is sent to it.
  • Any one of the secondary devices sends a message that the Bluetooth device is found, then the position of the second device is sent to the first one.
  • In case, if the message of searching for a Bluetooth device from any of the secondary devices is not received, in the second time after the first, in the search range, the second frequency, and the second-density are used to determine at least a third device.
  • And then the device sends a search task carrying an identifier to it. The second frequency is less than the first frequency and the second-density is also less than the first one.

Currently, this patent is just on paper and the company is yet to start its work on this new technology. We will let you know about it, once the development begins and we something on it.

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