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New control panel update is rolling out for Honor Magic 5 Series



Honor MagicOS

Honor is rolling out a brand new software update with a control panel feature for the Honor Magic 5 series in the Chinese market over MagicOS 5.1 (Android 13).

According to the information, the Honor Magic 5 series consists of the following models to grab this new software upgrade.

  • Honor Magic 5 with MagicOS (SP2) upgrading to
  • Honor Magic 5 Pro with MagicOS (SP2) upgrading to
  • Honor Magic 5 Ultimate Edition with MagicOS upgrading to

Here’s the full changelog of the control panel feature update for the Honor Magic 5 series.

Status Bar:

  • The control center function is added to realize the separation of control and notification. You can swipe from the left side of the top of the desktop to evoke the notification message; swipe from the top right of the desktop to evoke the control center.

[YOYO suggestion]

  • The weather clock card supports background transparency, set the path: “Long press the weather clock card on the desktop -> edit the default style -> select the transparent style of the weather clock”.


  • Support to check the battery health of the mobile phone, check the path: “Settings->Battery->More battery settings->Battery health”.
  • Added a super fast charging mode. When connecting the charger, press and hold the charging bubble according to the prompt to turn on the super fast charging mode.


  • Optimize system compatibility with some third-party applications.


  • Combined with the Android June 2023 security patch to enhance system security. For information about the security update content of the Honor software, please visit the Honor official website

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