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New Avita E12 sedan leaked in spy shots



Avita E12 spy shot leaked

There are new shots of a car that is going viral and identified as AVITA E12 (Avita car brand known as AVATR). This new car could fall into the mid-to-large range sedan with full electric capabilities.

The test model uses conventional multi-spoke wheels. It is expected that subsequent mass-produced models will be replaced with more fashionable styles. From inside, the car includes a center console layout of the Avita 11. It will also be equipped with a co-pilot entertainment screen.

Avita E12 spy shot leaked

Compared to that, the area under the center console of the Avita E12 test car did not adopt the “steep slope” design, but it is still unclear whether the mass-produced car will follow this design.

Avita E12 spy shot leaked

Huawei ADS 2.0:

This AVITA E12 model is coming with Huawei smart driving system ADS 2.0. Also, it may be one of the first to use the native HarmonyOS operating system.

AVATR CEO, Tan Benhong previously mentioned that Avita’s first mid-to-large sedan (which seems to be the E12) will launch on September 30. However, an official announcement is awaited.

For those who don’t know, Avatr auto is a joint venture of Changan Auto with battery provider CATL and Huawei. In this partnership, Huawei provides all of the smart tech and cockpit to run the car.


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