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Meizu on launching non-Huawei HarmonyOS phones: Response



Meizu huawei harmonyos

A well-known Chinese phone maker – Meizu has recently been asked about the news of launching a non-Huawei HarmonyOS phone, in reply the company has given a statement and gave an ambiguous answer related to the matter.

A Meizu official has said that the company has I have not received relevant news and will not comment. He didn’t clearly deny the speculation nor he had accepted it. Such ways of interpretation have been used under the official oath of not releasing confidential information about the company, which we understand ahead of the official release of the product. Therefore, we could expect such an answer from a Meizu official.

Recently, a report has revealed that many companies are planning to launch new devices with the HarmonyOS operating system, and comes of these are well known in their profession. The tipster didn’t disclose the name of the companies.

non-huawei harmonyos phones

Last year during the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit, Huawei has opened announced and welcomed the third-party device manufacturers including smartphone makers to make devices with the HarmonyOS operating system.

Meizu is a Chinese technology maker that first began business with small consumer-based devices and later started making smartphones. Every year, the company launches a new smartphone that does well among Chinese consumers.

“Third-party smartphone makers are welcome to use HarmonyOS operating system, which is open source, and build it together,” said Huawei Consumer Business AI and Smart full Scenario Business Department, Yang Haisong.


HarmonyOS is a cross-device, multi-kernel operating system that is designed to work among different platforms including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches as well as smart car systems, and IoT devices.

So, far, Huawei has installed the HarmonyOS operating system in over 200 million Huawei devices and over 100 million HarmonyOS devices were launched by third-party phone makers.

Currently, Huawei is preparing to launch HarmonyOS 3.0 software version for the consumers.

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Meizu huawei harmonyos

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