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Meet the new phone battery indicator for HarmonyOS 4 and EMUI 14



Huawei Battery

HarmonyOS 4 brings a new battery indicator for smartphones and the change in appearance is quite notable as compared to the past version of this Huawei operating system.

To explore more about the changes, we’ll look into the size of the overall battery icon and how it improves visibility.

Size and Color:

The new icon is a large size and its width is larger than predecessor. The battery cell fill is more distinctive from the foreground including the text. Also, the color of the entire battery icon is darker than HarmonyOS 3, providing a sense of visibility for the users.

The image below shows the differences in color, dimensions, and placement.

New HarmonyOS 4 battery indicator icon

Comparison between HarmonyOS 3 and HarmonyOS 4 battery indicator


Aside from the size, the difference becomes certain once you enable the battery percentage. The percent numbers text in the past version provides low visibility due to an unmatched background fill. The low space inside the battery icon made it hard to understand. Eventually, most smartphone users may not choose to select a percentage inside the battery icon.

In HarmonyOS 4, the battery percentage icon is more space-friendly and achieves high visibility. The background is immediately distant from the battery level numbers in the foreground. Another interesting fact is that the background fill becomes slightly transparent when you switch from the settings menu to the home screen. This sort of behavior of adapting the home screen wallpaper provides a seamless view.

Importantly, the UI becomes even more friendly in the dark mode, allowing it to show that text in pure white without hurting your eyes.

A change:

The new HarmonyOS 4 battery indicator is a change that is all about visibility. This new improvement landed right where Huawei may want it to be. Thus it will also contribute to a better user experience. Later on, we may also see the new battery indicator coming for global users with EMUI 14.

Amy is our firmware and software specialist, she keeps her eagle eyes open for new software rollouts, beta programs, and other software related activities as well as new smartphone launch.