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Huawei reveals Ultimate Design brand logo for premium and luxury products



Huawei ultimate design logo

Huawei recently filed a new design patent, which revealed the entire logo of the “Ultimate Design” brand to the public.

According to the design, the Huawei Ultimate Design logo has an axially symmetrical shape and pattern. It is composed of the initials “U” and “D” of the ULTIMATE DESIGN brand title. Both of these initials combine an “H” in the middle while remaining interlocked with each other. This reflects a sense of high-end brand value and experience of the products.

Previously, Huawei also registered the “Ultimate Design” brand trademark to secure the name. However, the trademark is still under review. Last Month, Huawei unveiled its new ultra-premium flagship brand – Ultimate Design, which sits above the top of its flagship and other top-tier smart devices. Therefore the company won’t keep it limited to smartphones only.

Alongside the announcement, Huawei also launched two branded products – Mate 60 RS Ultimate Design and Watch Ultimate Design.

Huawei ultimate design logo Huawei ultimate design logo

Huawei Mate 60 RS:

The Mate 60 RS Ultimate Design has a unique new look in red and black ceramic rear panels. The company also carved an artistic design on the phone. The Mate 60 RS equips a matching theme to support its user experience. On the other hand, it sports a 6.82-inch large OLED display with 120Hz LTPO technology.

This ultra-premium device packs 16GB of RAM and massive storage options of 512GB and 1TB. The photography on this phone is supported by a high-quality camera system with a main 48MP ultra aperture camera system, which switches between f/1.4 and f/4.0. The phone also offers a 40MP ultra wide-angle camera and a 48MP super macro telephoto camera.

Huawei Watch Ultimate is an example of how an ultra-luxury device can sit comfortably on the wrist. The smartwatch has an eye-catching outlook and a nanocrystal ceramic bezel with six 18K gold inlays.

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