Huawei releases May 2020 EMUI/Magic UI security update details

March and April’s security update is still expanding for different Huawei and Honor smartphones. Meanwhile,  Huawei has released the details of the May 2020 EMUI security update.

The security updates for Huawei devices include CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) announced in the May 2020 Android security bulletin.

There are issues with the operating system, kernel, and driver updates that may not affect any particular features on the devices but need to be fixed through monthly updates.

The May 2020 security patch from Huawei fixes different levels of exploits and issues within Huawei phones including 2 critical and 22 high and 2 Medium levels of CVEs.

These new patches with fixes will soon start to reach to Huawei and Honor smartphones via EMUI/Magic UI software updates.

The following are the CVE announced in the May 2020 EMUI security update Android security bulletin.

Critical: CVE-2020-0096, CVE-2020-0103

High: CVE-2020-0100, CVE-2020-0101, CVE-2020-0108, CVE-2020-0098, CVE-2020-0109, CVE-2020-0097, CVE-2020-0024, CVE-2020-0092, CVE-2020-0106, CVE-2020-0090 ,CVE-2020-0064, CVE-2020-0091, CVE-2020-0094, CVE-2020-0093, CVE-2020-0102, CVE-2020-0105, CVE-2019-14087, CVE-2020-3610, CVE-2019-14053, CVE-2020-3680, CVE-2020-3630, CVE-2020-3615

Medium: CVE-2020-0104, CVE-2019-15126

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2019-2056, CVE-2019-19532

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