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Left, Right gestures coming to WhatsApp with intuitive animations



left right gestures whatsapp

WhatsApp is testing a new beta version, which revealed an interesting feature to allow you to change tabs with left and right swipe gestures. This is one of the most requested functionality that WhatsApp users have demanded from developers.

Wabetainfo reports that WhatsApp Beta has brought in new changes in the home screen navigation. With this, users can swipe left or right to change the tabs between chats, calls, communications, and status. As currently, users can only switch between tabs with a tap on the button.


The latest changes bring intuitive animation, which creates good interactions for the users. For example, when you switch between the tabs, it highlights the active tab and grays out the inactive one. This all happens with a jump animation, which is a subsequent action to the gesture.

Also, the fab button above the tab layout now has a square-round corner background shape. While the icon inside changes smoothly based on the select tab.

Stable release:

Currently, WhatsApp is testing the new left and right gestures feature for limited users. However, it may come very soon for all the WhatsAppers.


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