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Leak suggests upgraded telephoto night mode for Huawei P70 series



Huawei P70 series telephoto night mode

Huawei P70 series is swirling around its launch rumors while the latest leak implies that the flagship smartphone lineup could accompany an upgraded telephoto night mode. There may also be an enhanced macro mode feature, as reported earlier.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus reports that the Huawei P70 series is likely to have an enhanced super telephoto night mode capability. It means the approaching handsets would offer clearer, brighter, and more vibrant night shots than P60 models.

Super telephoto night vision capability:

Telephoto lenses with such functions can pull in distant objects to offer a more portrait-like picture. It also allows visualization of images in low levels of light, improving the overall night scenario in the capturing frame and offering beautiful results.

Huawei P60 series has XMAGE 2.0 imaging system which brings an all-new night mode algorithm. It ensures better processing of images and picture fusion for bright nighttime photography. Seems like the firm may use an upgraded version of this algorithm for the coming flagship P70 smartphones.

Further inputs say that the premium P70 series will adopt an enhanced periscope macro mode. The respective piece of information is quite in line with previous reports.

Huawei P70 series telephoto night mode

Huawei P70 series may bring upgraded telephoto night mode (Image Credits: Weibo)

The tipster also mentions that the Huawei P70 Art will possess a new and special color scheme, different from its siblings. Again the detail completely fits with the early leak pieces and adds a slight consent to the color and appearance subject.

Huawei P60 Series: Macro and Night Mode

The predecessors use a super-concentrating night vision telephoto lens which brings the night photography standard to the next level. It can intake 178% of light and includes an RYYB sensor for efficient light-sensing capabilities.

In terms of macro photography, the Huawei P60 series integrates 3.5x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, and 100x hybrid zoom capabilities that let you capture the closest view of the subject with brighter backscenes.

Huawei P70 series telephoto night mode

Image Credits: Huawei

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