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Huawei P70 series to offer five new color variants



Huawei P70 series five color

News regarding the Huawei P70 series suggests that these models could bring at least five color schemes on board. Eventually, the upcoming flagship will not only win hearts for its enhanced camera features but also its iconic appearance.

Amid Huawei P70 series camera leaks, a Weibo tipster brought our focus to the design segment. As per @FixedFocus, the approaching Huawei P70 series will be available in standard four color variants alongside a brand new scheme for the P70 Art smartphone, a total of five options.

Perhaps, the standard four colors may include the signature Rococo Pearl, Purple, Black, and Green version. Meanwhile, the P70 Art model could appear in a unique shade, different from the rest of the models, just like its predecessors.

On the flip side, the tipster revealed that the development of the P70 prototype has been completed and it will be shown to consumers at the right time. Note that a prototype is an early version of a product used for testing, servicing, and other relevant operations ahead of the launch.

Huawei P70 series may step on the platform in March 2024 with three models: Standard, Pro, and Art. Besides, the company is baking the flagship lineup with eye-catching features and a powerful camera framework that will raise the photography experience to the next level.

Huawei P70 series five color

Renders and Specifications:

In recent times, we got our hands on so many renderings for the new Huawei P-series. Some of them predicted that these devices could bear a triangular lens arrangement, housed in a rectangular frame. However, users have locked their eyes on the Art version to check the difference over the P60 Art model.

Another highlighting segment will be the Kirin chips implementation. The input hints that the standard P70 might equip Kirin 9000s. Whereas, the top-end models could showcase the new Kirin 9010, which has been locked in the racks for three years.

There is a lot more to explore with the P70 series parameters. And we will gain more such details ahead of the official launch.


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