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Huawei CEO gets restricted to say ‘far ahead’ with a big fine, CEO responds



Huawei CEO far ahead restricted

Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO – Yu Chengdong has been in the top headlines for a few hours and the reason is quite interesting. As per some rumors, Ren Zhengfei restricted Huawei CEO with a fine of 10,000 yuan, for saying “far ahead”.

Zhao Hejuan – the founder of Titanium Media posted that the Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong left no choice to Ren Zhengfei but to impose a ban on him worth 10,000 yuan for every time he uses the word ‘far ahead’ in his statements or any venue.

“Richard Yu does indeed have a true temperament. According to reliable sources, Ren Zhengfei had no choice but to impose a ‘ban’ on Richard Yu within Huawei: every time he mentioned “far ahead”, a fine of 10,000! Hahaha” – wrote Titanium Media.

The respective news ranked first in the list of hot searches on Weibo in no time with 44.872 million readings. To confirm the rumor, a media called “Meta News” contacted the Huawei CEO about reports of being restricted from saying “far ahead”.

Huawei CEO responds on far ahead rumors (Image Credits: Weibo)

In response, Yu Chengdong denied the above news and said that it was just a rumor. His statement removed the mist from the surface and made things clear.

Huawei CEO far ahead restricted

Huawei CEO responds on far ahead rumors (Image Credits: Weibo)

Another news from China Intellectual Property shows that Huawei’s ‘far ahead’ trademark has withdrawn and currently serving under invalid status. However, Yu Chengdong has been using these terms as a common phrase while unveiling new products and it has nothing to do with the ongoing rumors.

Huawei CEO responds on far ahead rumors (Image Credits: Weibo)

What is Far Ahead?

During the 2023 Huawei Pollen Annual Conference in December last year, the CEO described that ‘far ahead’ refers to making progress in the working fields. He further adds that this becomes possible with strong technological investment, R&D innovation as well as constant efforts in the company.

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