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Huawei reportedly issues ultrasonic fingerprint patent, for Mate 70 series?



Huawei ultrasonic fingerprint patent

Huawei filed for a new ‘ultrasonic fingerprint recognition’ patent and it seems the company might use it for the premium Mate 70 series. The details align with previous reports and hint at an advanced implementation for upcoming devices.

The input reveals that Huawei has applied for the ultrasonic fingerprint patent on July 4, 2023, with application number CN117058725A. Ahead, the patent describes that the new mechanism can improve the accuracy of identifying fingerprints.

Looking into the components, the machinery requires an ultrasonic fingerprint identification module with a stacked common electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and a circuit substrate. It further needs a system and an electronic device.

Huawei ultrasonic fingerprint patent

Huawei ultrasonic fingerprint patent (Credits: ITHome)

How does it work?

The side of the circuit substrate (ultrasonic fingerprint) is linked to the piezoelectric layer and contains plenty of pixel electrode units arranged in a group. Each pixel electrode unit has ‘N’ first pixel electrodes and ‘M’ second pixel electrodes.

On the other hand, one side of the piezoelectric layer links electrically with a common electrode, and the second side connects to multiple-pixel electrodes.

Hence, when the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition module enables the transmission mode, the N first pixel electrodes go into a connected state while the M second pixel electrodes remain floating. When in receiving mode, both M and N electrodes connect with each other.

Huawei ultrasonic fingerprint patent

Huawei ultrasonic fingerprint patent (Credits: ITHome)

Fingerprint Sensor Technology:

Many of the smartphone vendors currently use the Goodix tech for the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. However, the respective technology cannot confront Qualcomm’s patent and thus, Huawei is unable to use it following the U.S. sanctions.

So far, Huawei and Qualcomm closed their patent relations over the ultrasound technology and thereafter, started inventing their own innovative mechanisms.

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors ensure more accuracy and efficiency than traditional sensors. They work effectively despite dirt stains or water on your fingers. Besides, these sensors are more rigid, stable, and secure in every manner.

Huawei Mate 70 series with ultrasonic fingerprint sensor?

While the new technology is under development, a tipster says that the company might use the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for Huawei P80 or Mate 80 models in 2025.

Thus, it may not be possible to see this tech with Mate 70 handsets. However, we could find a surprising catch in this concept for the time ahead, if the progress goes well.

Huawei ultrasonic fingerprint patent

Huawei ultrasonic fingerprint sensor leak (source: Weibo)

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