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Kuro Games starts developing HarmonyOS native app with Huawei



Kuro Games HarmonyOS native app

Kuro Games – another Chinese gaming platform has now joined Huawei Ecosystem and launched the HarmonyOS native app development. Both firms aim to welcome smart and secure features, enhance the user experience, and offer efficient facilities.

The information reveals that Kuro Games has currently aligned the “War of the Two Pamish” game in the HarmonyOS native app development list. Although consumers may find more applications from the company on this list in the time ahead.

Kuro Games is a video game development and publishing studio in China and is mainly famous for “Punishing: Gray Raven” an action role-playing game released in 2021.

The respective firm offers a range of exciting games with wonderful renderings for 12+ age players and emphasizes the creation of engaging digital entertainment.

Huawei announced the latest news on the official HarmonyOS page. The Chinese tech giant says that both companies will work on technical adaptation and performance optimization that can result in a smoother action gaming experience for users.

Huawei is constantly calling out Chinese companies to indulge in the new HarmonyOS Ecosystem. With the HarmonyOS NEXT-based app version, the companies will be able to provide smarter, more secure, and more proficient services to their customers.

The Chinese OEM has confirmed to launch of HarmonyOS NEXT beta at the HDC 2024 event in June. Till then, the company wants to see a good number of applications enrolled in the HarmonyOS NEXT native app development process.

Kuro Games HarmonyOS native app

Kuro Games starts developing HarmonyOS native app (Image Credits: Huawei/Weibo)

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