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Huawei eyes global expansion of HarmonyOS despite U.S. restrictions



Huawei HarmonyOS global expansion

Huawei is looking forward to the global expansion of its self-developed HarmonyOS software ecosystem. The Chinese tech giant is planning better schemes and strategies that can help it increase its growth worldwide, despite U.S. restrictions.

During the Analysts Summit 2024 event, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman Xu Zhijun cites how the company intends to expand HarmonyOS by including the most popular phone apps on its platform. This will connect users from both global and native regions.

Xu said that Huawei will presently work on developing a powerful HarmonyOS app ecosystem in the home ground and thereafter, will step towards global expansion. This will ultimately count as the porting of apps to HarmonyOS for global consumers.

Huawei at the same time, will also encourage app developers from other regions to code for the HarmonyOS platform. Here’s what Xu told its attendees:

“We will work hard to build up the HarmonyOS app ecosystem in the China market first, then, from country to country, we will start gradually pushing it out to other parts of the world.”

Xu Zhijun also mentioned that Huawei phone users in China spend 99% of their time using 5000+ apps. Hence the company will work this year to move a majority of applications to the HarmonyOS platform – ‘first in the Chinese drive to truly unify the OS and the app ecosystem’.

Huawei HarmonyOS global expansion

Huawei plans to expand HarmonyOS globally (Image Credits: Huawei)

5000 HarmonyOS apps!

Over 4000 apps have already started adapting the HarmonyOS NEXT-based versions. Being a massive process, the company is constantly getting support from many app developers and partners on this subject.

“Once we have these first 5,000 Android apps and thousands of other apps up and running on HarmonyOS, we will have a real HarmonyOS: a third mobile operating system for the world. That number could reach up to 1 million apps in the future” – said Xu Zhijun.

TechInsights firm notes that HarmonyOS could soon become the second-largest operating system in China, surpassing iOS. It would be worth seeing how the self-developed operating system will expand in the global market in the time ahead.

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