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Krafton reminding about the BGMI iOS release, check latest news



BGMI iOS release

After the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), it has been reached over 46M installations in India on Google Play Store. However, these numbers are only contributed by the Android players with high functionality smartphones.

To date, many well-known names in BGMI raise the topic of the iOS release but Krafton didn’t speak a word related to it nor gave any hint about it until now. Recently, BGMI has shared a pic on the official Instagram account quoted “We thought you missed it earlier. So, just wanted to let you know” with a question mark.

The iOS users can consider it as good news, that BGMI still didn’t forget about the iOS release and it may soon come with an announcement soon. At present, observing the image will found that the question mark has an apple below it instead of a dot hinting that the next announcement could be for the alpha test.

BGMI iOS release

Maybe it’s still early to conclude anything but there is one thing we do all know, after the iOS version of BGMI there are many records going to break. At present let’s wait for the next message from the developers.

BGMI Downloads Rewards Event:

A few days ago, Battlegrounds Mobile India announce the 50M download rewards event with a collection time period of one month. Players can receive supply coupons, classic coupons, and permanent galaxy messenger set on marking 40M, 49M, and 50M downloads respectively.

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