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June 2021 Huawei EMUI Security Patch details out, as HarmonyOS making its way to the users



Recently, Huawei has debuted the brand new operating system, HarmonyOS 2.0 for consumers. This new operating system comes with new distributed capabilities, which allow the user the control multiple devices using a single device.

Alongside HarmonyOS 2 launch, the company also announced an upgrade plan for 100 old devices. This clearly shows that the new OS wants to replace Android-based EMUI from most of the Huawei devices as soon as possible.

HarmonyOS 2.0 features:

Huawei has designed this new distributed operating system to ease and enrich uses life. It comes with brand new features including a simplified yet informative home screen, service widgets, smart folder, HarmonyOS font, super device, App guard, collaborative security, and more exciting.

Read moreHarmonyOS Features: Control Panel, Super Device, Service Center, App Gestures, Task Center, Widgets and more

Besides installing HarmonyOS 2, it is also necessary for the company to deliver monthly security patches. As it fixes several new bugs and vulnerabilities and provides better system security in the existing smartphones.

Now, Huawei has released the June 2021 security patch details for EMUI and MagicUI powered smartphones and tablets. The company will soon start to send the latest security patch along with an OTA update on eligible phones.

What’s is improved in the June 2021 2021 security patch?

This security update fixes different levels of exploits and issues including 2 critical, and 13 high levels of CVEs for improved system security. Check the full CVE details below.

The following are the CVE announced in June 2021 EMUI security update Android security bulletin.

Critical: CVE-2021-0516,CVE-2021-0507

High: CVE-2020-11292,CVE-2021-0504,CVE-2021-0508,CVE-2021-0509,CVE-2021-0510,CVE-2021-0511,CVE-2021-0506,CVE-2021-0517,CVE-2021-0520,CVE-2021-0521,CVE-2021-0522,CVE-2021-0523,CVE-2021-0505

Medium: none

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2020-0009,CVE-2018-11985,CVE-2020-0478,CVE-2020-0473,CVE-2020-27054,CVE-2020-27046,CVE-2020-0298,CVE-2020-0299,CVE-2021-0446,CVE-2021-0487,CVE-2021-1906,CVE-2021-1905,CVE-2021-28663,CVE-2021-28664,CVE-2021-0493,CVE-2021-0494,CVE-2021-0495,CVE-2021-0496,CVE-2021-0497,CVE-2021-0498,CVE-2021-0491,CVE-2021-0490,CVE-2021-0489,CVE-2021-0492,CVE-2019-9358.

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HarmonyOS Features: Control Panel, Super Device, Service Center, App Gestures, Task Center, Widgets and more