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January 2022 EMUI security patch details released



January 2022 EMUI security

Huawei has just released the latest January 2022 security patch details for devices running on the EMUI software system. Meanwhile, the Chinese tech maker has also started the beta testing for the next EMUI version, EMUI 12 in the global market.

Talking about system security, it is very essential for any smart device because it brings fixes for the CVEs found in the latest software versions. The security patches defend the device against threats and provide better system security.

This time, Huawei has already delivered December 2021 EMUI security patch for most of its devices including smartphones and tablets. However, the company will soon begin the rollout of this latest security update for its devices via OTA.

In the past few months, we have observed that Huawei has boosted its security update program and started releasing security details ahead of time or on time as well as rollout. It is a really impressive behavior of Huawei towards the care of its devices.

January 2022 EMUI security

January 2022 EMUI security patch details:

The January 2022 EMUI security patch fixes different levels of exploits and issues including 4 critical, 12 high, and 47 medium levels of CVEs for improved system security. In addition to this, it also resolves 2 high levels of CVE in third-party libraries.

Critical: CVE-2021-0967, CVE-2021-0968

High: CVE-2021-0704, CVE-2021-0952, CVE-2021-0954, CVE-2021-0955, CVE-2021-0963, CVE-2021-0964, CVE-2021-0965, CVE-2021-0966, CVE-2021-0970, CVE-2021-0971, CVE-2021-33909, CVE-2021-38204

Medium: CVE-2021-0726, CVE-2021-0849, CVE-2021-0731, CVE-2021-0738, CVE-2021-0761, CVE-2021-0765, CVE-2021-0768, CVE-2021-0770, CVE-2021-0772, CVE-2021-0789, CVE-2021-0803, CVE-2021-0866, CVE-2021-0716, CVE-2021-0855, CVE-2021-0560, CVE-2021-0805, CVE-2021-0779, CVE-2021-0791, CVE-2021-0795, CVE-2021-0838, CVE-2021-0840, CVE-2021-0844, CVE-2021-0796, CVE-2021-0797, CVE-2021-0798, CVE-2021-0804, CVE-2021-0822, CVE-2021-0824, CVE-2021-0886, CVE-2021-0969, CVE-2021-0976, CVE-2021-0992, CVE-2021-0998, CVE-2021-1007, CVE-2021-1009, CVE-2021-1010, CVE-2021-1011, CVE-2021-1012, CVE-2021-1022, CVE-2021-1024, CVE-2021-1030, CVE-2021-1031, CVE-2020-25668, CVE-2021-39636, CVE-2021-39648, CVE-2021-39656, CVE-2021-23134

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2020-0368, CVE-2021-0434, CVE-2021-0929, CVE-2021-0794, CVE-2021-0837, CVE-2021-0759, CVE-2020-26139, CVE-2020-11288, CVE-2020-11176, CVE-2020-11291, CVE-2020-11304, CVE-2021-1900, CVE-2021-1925, CVE-2021-1937, CVE-2021-30260, CVE-2021-1914, CVE-2021-1916, CVE-2021-1919, CVE-2021-1920, CVE-2021-1886, CVE-2021-1888, CVE-2021-1889, CVE-2021-1890, CVE-2021-1909, CVE-2021-1923, CVE-2021-1933, CVE-2021-1935, CVE-2021-1946, CVE-2021-1952, CVE-2021-1960, CVE-2021-1971, CVE-2021-30295, CVE-2021-1934, CVE-2021-1913, CVE-2021-1917, CVE-2021-1932, CVE-2021-1936, CVE-2021-1949, CVE-2021-1959, CVE-2021-1984, CVE-2021-1985, CVE-2021-30256, CVE-2021-30257, CVE-2021-30258, CVE-2021-30288, CVE-2021-30291, CVE-2021-30292, CVE-2021-30297, CVE-2021-30302, CVE-2021-30310, CVE-2021-1983

Third-party library:

High: CVE-2021-20322, CVE-2021-3640

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