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Is your phone overheats during EMUI updates? Here are the top suggestions



During the updating process, including downloading the update package from the server and installation of the update package, your phone is in a high-load state.

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The size of the update package is different each time. To improve the updating speed do a clean installation, the update uses more CPU resources. Which results as more heat generation on your phone.

According to Huawei, all Huawei devices including subbrand Honor, have to pass through strict tests to ensure safety measures for its consumers. It is normal for your phone to heat up during updates and this does not indicate an issue but if you’re insisting on taking extra safety measures, here are some of the most useful tips.

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Top Suggestions:

  • During updates, place your phone in an open area. Avoid placing it on quilts or blankets that do not allow heat dissipation.
  • To reduce heat, avoid updating the system when charging your phone.
  • After the update process finishes, turn off the screen for a period of time. The temperature of your phone will gradually become normal.

Note: After your phone system is updated, it’ll automatically update your apps to match the current version. As a result, your phone heats up. The software optimization measures vary by version, and so the heating level also varies accordingly.

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