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iPhone 15 series is disappointing: Honor CEO



iPhone Honor CEO

Huawei Mate 60 series and iPhone 15 series are making headlines among Chinese consumers, these two devices are also gathering attention from industry people including the Honor CEO, who found the new Apple device a bit disappointing.

In a media interview, Honor Chief responded to a question about the iPhone 15 series. In simple words, Zhao mentioned that the series was regrettable and said that he was right about having no expectations from the iPhone 15.

Ming added that Apple has always been a leader in the smartphone industry but now, things are changing. Because the trends are not solely based on improving performance and cameras. You can mark innovations in these specifications but also need to show your leadership all around product development and leap towards the future.

He called the new iPhone just a minor repair and expressed that “When everyone can expect it before the launch, we feel a little disappointed.”.

Aside from criticism, Honor CEO also said that the iPhone 15 will undoubtedly make good sales. However, He concluded by saying that Apple’s value in the smartphone industry-leading innovation and leadership is weakening.

“All of this happening at a time when brands should compete with each other with their own innovations” Zhao wraps up his comment.

Recently, Honor introduced a new V Purse product, which drops as the first outward folding smartphone. The company is delivering this device as a milestone in style and innovation. Similar to its name, Honor V Purse replicates exactly like a physical purse and supports various themes that make it look like a purse-like material.

Honor V Purse is very thin and counts only 9mm. Similar to Huawei, it is using compressed components to reduce the size of the entire tablet size phone.


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