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Impossible to return to Huawei: Honor CEO



Huawei Honor

Honor CEO, Zhao Ming said that it is impossible to return to Huawei because it wants to do something different and empower the smartphone industry with healthy competition.

Ming’s latest comment on Huawei came on the side of the Honor V Purse launch event in China. While responding to a question from the media, he said Huawei is Honor’s most respected and anticipated competitor.

Honor CEO hopes that his company will compete with Huawei in terms of innovative strength. This kind of competition will bring vitality to the industry.

Mr. Ming then answered a rumor of Honor merging back to its former owner – Huawei, saying that it is absolutely impossible to do that. He also gave a reason behind this statement.

“The best tribute to Honor’s past identity is to use the strongest products to compete with Huawei and turn itself into its strongest competitor,” said Ming.

He further explained that Huawei’s return in the smartphone industry is more dynamic and brought back the attention of customers in new smartphone launches. This is significant because it has not happened in many years.

Zhao also gave an example, when a powerful opponent appears, you have two choices. The first is to join the opponent’s team. When this happens the competition becomes less attractive.

In the second choice, you turn yourself into a powerful competitor and compete against that opponent. This will make the competition prosper and encourage everyone to compete in the same spirit. Therefore, the return of Honor to Huawei would turn down the progress of the smartphone industry.

Zhao also expressed his excitement to compete against Huawei “Doing something very challenging can make the Honor team excited”. He concluded by saying that the best tribute to Honor’s past identity is to make a strong product and compete with Huawei.

Honor and Huawei:

Honor was a subsidiary of Huawei but in 2020, the company sold Honor to a Chinese business group. This decision came as Huawei was facing immense financial pressure due to the US ban.

Afterward, Honor started a new journey in smartphone and other segments with a resettled supply chain. The company also gained heavy momentum in the industry.

In many public media conference, Honor CEO takes a question about Huawei and answer them in a very concise manner. He recently congratulated Huawei to mark a powerful return with the Huawei Mate 60 series.


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