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InterDigital to share 5G tech with Huawei amid US restrictions, Qualcomm can also join



Despite US trade restrictions on Huawei, a mobile technology company from the US said it can license its 5G network technology to Huawei amid current US restriction on the firm.

Huawei will launch two versions of its OS, one for China and other for the Global market

According to Reuters, InterDigital Wireless, InterDigital, which generates revenue by developing wireless technologies and then licensing out the patents, said it believes it can continue its efforts to final a 5G deal with Huawei because export control laws do not cover patents, which are public records and therefore not confidential technology.

“The addition of Huawei to the Entity List does not prevent InterDigital from entering into a patent license agreement with Huawei, because our patents cover technologies that are publicly available and therefore outside the scope of U.S. export control laws,” said Patrick Van de Wille InterDigital spokesman.

Although Qualcomm has already been prohibited to do business with Huawei but US trade attorneys said the situation is likely the same for Qualcomm, which also sells chips to Huawei but only for the lower end products but generate most of its profits from the patent licenses.

Huawei, the world’s second largest smartphone maker and a global giant in telecom equipment field is a big customer for both Interdigital and Qualcomm.

Both of InterDigital and Qualcomm had their issues with Huawei but that doesn’t affect their business.

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