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Huawei’s smartphone market share hikes to 20% in Thailand



Huawei Brand

Huawei says its smartphone market share in Thailand is still on track despite the US blacklisting on the company.

Huawei founder says our OS needs vast application ecosystem, will take few years to establish

Ingmar Wang, country director of Huawei Thailand’s consumer business group said Huawei is set to increase its Thai marketing budget by 30% this year as a key move because the country is a strategic market in the region, reported BangkokPost.

He also said that the company’s market share in Thailand grew in the first five months of 2019 from 20% from 15% in 2018.

In May, the US Commerce Department imposed trade restrictions on Huawei business and barred the company from buying component and software services from the US firms.

Following the blacklisting, Donald Trump forcing its ally countries to bar Huawei from building next-generation infrastructure on their grounds.

“To be honest, the situation could change every day, but consumers can rest assured that Huawei’s business will continue,” said Wang.

Mr. Wang also mentioned, Huawei plans to invest 160 million baht ($5.1 million) in 5G testing projects in Thailand and 700 million baht ($22.7 million) in cloud services.

Recently, local distributors Synnex, Jaymart, TG, Com7, and CSC, as well as two big operators (AIS and True), showed support for Huawei by announcing a warranty campaign with two years of full refunds for new Huawei customers.

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