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Honor 20 Pro Review: Honor’s best flagship smartphone



Honor, Huawei’s smartphone booster subsidiary have a big hand on the company’s market growth and throughout the time the company has made substantial developments in its smartphones-line up, which has now lead us to the Honor 20 Pro.

Honor 20 Review: Camera, Performance and Beauty in one amazing package

Honor 20 Pro is the big brother of Honor 20 and looks pretty much similar to the regular version but comes with more well-finished design, powerful performance, powerful camera and more.

So, it’s time to take an in-depth tour of Honor 20 Pro, in which we’ll try to review every aspect of this “Pro” powered smartphone.


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Our Opinion


Honor 20 Pro comes with a 6.26-inch display with 2340 x 1080 resolution and 412 PPI. The FullView display reaches to a 91.7% screen-to-body ratio and achieved with the help of a 4.5mm punch hole, which helps the phone to shape in a unique design without compromising viewing angles to enjoy Youtube or Netflix videos, rich-quality games.

The display itself is very sharp and the color reproduction is excellent, on top of this the phone let you optimize color scheme to choose between ‘Normal’ and ‘Vivid’ color options. Also, you can choose different temperature modes that suit better to your eyes. Also, to make the phone suitable to use in Night Time, the “Eye Comfort” feature is there help in the notification panel.


Moreover, if you’re not comfortable with Honor 20 Pro’s punch hole area, the feature to disable it is available at your service and will make a virtual bezel in the alignment to hide the front camera but it doesn’t seem to be a big issue once you hold this phone for few days.


One of the things that keep me praising Honor 20 Pro is its back design, known as ‘Dynamic Holographic Curved Glassback’ and made of Triple 3D Mesh technique including 3D curved glass, color layer, and depth layer.

And when it comes to your hand, the composition will react as it connects to the lighting, and once it happens you’ll a different variation of color forms, hues, and gradient that’ll change on the position you hold this smartphone.

We’ve got Honor 20 Pro in Phantom Blue color but it’s also available in Phantom Black, as both of these colors are blended with multiple colors and produces different hues according to the direction of light.


As for the measurements, Honor 20 Pro is 73.97 mm wide, 8.44 mm thick and 154.60 mm tall, and weighs only 182, which gives the phone very handy and easy to interact. Although it’s camera bump and glass back makes it little slippy on flat surfaces.

The phone’s design also excludes 3.5mm Jack but don’t worry the phone box has a USB Type-C adaptor to connect the phone with 3.5mm earphone.

Coming to the sides of Honor 20, another change you’ll find is the placement of physical fingerprint on the left side embedded right into the power button, which is very fast and responsive, on top of it there are volume adjustment keys.

Topside contains a secondary microphone and IR blaster, while the earpiece is sitting between the top side and the display. On the right side, there’s a sim card tray with two nano sim card slot, though, it’s not a hybrid one.


The primary microphone, speaker grills, and a USB Type-C port are placed at the bottom side.


To give users the highest amount of performance, Honor 20 Pro runs on Magic UI 2.1 built on top of Android 9.0 Pie, offering rich user experience and lots of features.

As a customized version of Android, Honor comes with a hefty amount of pre-installed apps on this smartphone including official and third-party applications. In addition, there’s also a set of Google apps and system utility tools that stays there for your help and productivity.

Honor 20 Pro’s UI is highly customizable and there are options to change Themes, Wallpapers, Widgets, App drawer animations, Home screen layouts, as well as system navigation.



A flagship smartphone is built to deliver a flagship level performance, that’s why the phone is powered by 7nm Kirin 980 Dual NPU processor and with 8GB of RAM, that can boost intense gaming sessions and multitasking to its highest. In terms of space, the 256GB of internal storage can easily hold your apps, games and multimedia contents at one place. Although, we expected an option to expand the storage via an sd card.

GPU Turbo 3.0 is a part of Magic UI 2.1 and boosts gaming performance by focusing all of the system resources on a particular game while managing the power consumption. Games such as PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9 Legends run smoothly without experiencing frame drops.

In addition, the phone ships with Fortnite installer that can be installed and there’s a free exclusive game skin for the buyers of Honor 20 and 20 Pro devices.


Honor 20 Pro comes with quad rear camera consists of four lenses: 48MP Main Camera (Sony IMX586) F/1.4 aperture AI Ultra Clarity mode 1/2 inch large sensor 4-in-1 Light Fusion (effective 1.6μm pixels) AI Image Stabilization (AIS) AIS Super Night mode 16MP Super Wide Angle Camera F/2.2 aperture 117-degree super wide angle Supported by distortion correction 8MP Telephoto Camera F/2.4 aperture (3X optical) + laser autofocus, 2MP Macro Camera F/2.4 aperture, 4cm macro photography.


For selfies, it is equipped with a 32MP Selfie Camera F/2.0 aperture 3D Portrait Lighting.

With a camera combination like this, Honor 20 raised the bar of photography and allows users to take photographs like a pro through the smartphone.

The 48MP high-resolution camera is a big deal for users, that captures images in detailed views and angles. Also, the depth detections work very accurately.

The Honor 20 Pro comes with the world’s first smartphone camera lens with f/1.4 aperture, that can take images in the darkest environments and powers the AI Super Night Mode.


With a 3x lossless optical zoom, 5x hybrid zoom, and 30x digital zoom, HONOR 20 PRO’s telephoto lens allows users to reach and capture incredibly detailed + vivid photographs.

Taking a look at the 16Mp super wide-angle came that has the ability to cover the 117-degree of field of view.

Imagine if you want to take an extra detailed closeup of a small object, that’s where the Super Macro Camera comes in work that can capture detailed images of any objects from an absolute close distance, suitable for tiny plants, flower, insects and more.

This phone establishes a new level of photography because its features are heavily fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Algorithms, whether we talk about the 48MP Clarity Mode, Super Night Mode, Image Stabilization, Light detection, Image composition, all of these features work perfectly on their respective use cases.


The camera app offers various modes including AR, Portraits, Video, Regular images, Videos recording supports up to 4k, Panorama, Slo-Mo, Time-lapse, HDR and more.

In addition, the camera also includes support for AI-powered HiVision that helps users to identify an object, real-time translations, shop an item, Check calories, QR code and more by just pointing the camera to the direction of a particular object.


Honor 20 Pro has a 4000mAh battery that supports 22.5W Huawei SuperFast charging and can charge 55% battery in 30 minutes.

With the addition of power saving mode, the “Ultra power saving mode” allows users to optimize and maximize battery for longer use.


In our typical battery test, the phone ran all day without showing the “Low Battery” sign. Although, it may vary on the use case.


Watching movies, playing games and most importantly listening music requires an amazing sound experience, that’s why Honor 20 keeps you covered with its Virtual 9.1 Surround sound feature that is powered by Huawei Histen 6.0 and provides you.

The virtual 9.1 surround sound supports almost all types of wired and wireless earphones. Also, the dual microphone with noise reduction helps you to get rid of any pesky background noise. This provides you with an immersive experience while performing and audio related tasks.

Our Opinion:

If you’re looking for a flagship phone then Honor 20 Pro is all you need because it comes with a fantastic camera, powerful performance for gaming and multitasking, massive battery life that can run all day, a beautiful design that currently hard find, all tagged with an attractive price.


This is our opinion but we also want to know you’re precious thoughts on this smartphone. So lets us know in the comment section.

John started his early career as a game developer, after working four years for an indie company, he stepped into Android development and became an Android enthusiast, which made him start John loves animals and usually takes part in activities related to animal rights and welfare.


Huawei open its largest sports health science laboratory in Dongguan



Huawei health science laboratory

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2021, the company announced its sports health science laboratory is now officially open. The laboratory is located near Songshan Lake Park in Dongguan. In addition, it’s the science largest laboratory built by the company.

According to the information, it has constructed incorporation with the State Sports General Administration Information Center and the State Sports General Administration Science Research Institute. Yesterday, the company officially inaugurated it.

Senior Technical Director at Huawei Technologies, Hua Huang stated that, in this laboratory, we’ll work to bring the talents and technology including hardware, software, data, and algorithms together. The aim is to construct an innovative platform that’ll bring consumers better sports and health experience.

Here you can check some clicks of the science laboratory-


Huawei health science laboratoryHuawei health science laboratory

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Huawei Health Science Laboratory:

As you can see, the laboratory is designed with high-tech equipment that monitors a player’s real-time physique and moments. Thus how it observes the requirement and also suggests proper guidance to perform better in this kind of situation.

Furthermore, the laboratory is divided into two areas- experimental and evaluation. Among them, the experimental area mainly observes the reliability and testing of wearable products while the other one performance a professional evaluation of sports health.

On the other hand, the company also expanding its health wearables with new innovative technologies. Yesterday, it also unveiled the Watch GT3 series with a chic design and sparkling features.


Huawei Watch GT3: succeeder of Legend Series

The Huawei Watch GT3 comes with two watch cases 42mm and 46mm AMOLED Color touch-sensitive display. Luckily it’s landed in the global market first instead of the native market. It has five beautiful strap colors of black, brown, stainless steel, white and light gold.

Alongside the sensors, it has hundred of sport modes, health monitoring features, BT, and GPS support. In terms of battery, the 42mm version has a 7-day battery life meanwhile the 46mm version provides 14 days of battery backup. (Read Here)

(Source: Ithome)

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Huawei Smart Selection Leqi electric scooter starts Public Testing on Huawei Mall



Huawei Mall Scooter

Huawei has selected a new electric scooter that supports HarmonyOS ecology for testing on its online display mall. Users who want to contribute to this public testing can purchase this Leqi Smart Electric Scooter through Vmall with an additional discount.

To be mentioned, the public test products are ready to be shipped models after the consumer’s feedback for minor changes. The scooter is made of automotive-grade integrated die-casting aluminum technology to retain its durability. Lrt’s discuss its function and highlights in detail-

Functional Configuration:

This electric scooter equipped a 350W high-power motor, to maintain a 630W maximum output. In addition, its climbing gradient is 15% for 75Kg of weight with the maximum speed limit of 25km/h for this scooter.


Moving ahead, it packs a 18650 type ternary lithium battery of 10.4Ah. It comes with unique energy recovery technology and provides a long ride of about 40km. Besides the inbuilt smart gyroscope and ambient light sensors are responsible for intelligent attitude detection, anti-flying, and intelligent speed regulation functions.

Leqi Smart Electric Scooter

Furthermore, the scooter mechanism has passed multiple durability and endurance tests to ensure the flawless insanity of the products. In particular, the test includes-

  • 2000kg+ static pressure test
  • 300mm+ drop test
  • 500h+ fatigue test
  • Waterproof level reaches IPX7

HiLink Ecology:

It’s a common function for the products from Huawei Smart Selection. Being a HiLink product this scooter offers quick conception, Bluetooth module and HarmonyOS connect support. It allows a user to control this device within a range of 0.5 meters. Additionally, it supports smart lighting effects and Huawei Smart Life App.

Leqi Smart Electric Scooter

Huawei Mall: Electric Scooter Public Test 

The “Leqi Smart Electric Scooter” is available for the public test until 4th November 2021 on Huawei Mall. This product has a rated price of 2499 Yuan, while available at the test price of 2,199 Yuan. After the last date, this offer might be invalid, so if you also want to take part in this, I recommend you soon visit the Vmall store.


(Source: CNMO)

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Huawei Skyline Data Card 2000GB per month plan starts 130 yuan only



The double 11 event is offering pre-booking discount for the Huawei Skyline Data Card plan and giving you chance to enjoy an ultra-fast network everywhere. No matter where you stay most, office, home, dormitories, or runways, enjoy this uninterrupted network around you.

The company has offered a big annual discount of 120 Yuan to let you avail of maximum benefits. Apart from this, buyers are also receiving discounts for the standard and monthly packages. The monthly package is 99 yuan, and the annual package is 599 yuan.

The data plan card this jointly operated by Tiantong and China Unicom but only has a single-use. It means, it doesn’t offer other communication methods such as voice calls and SMS, however, users will be able of enjoying bufferless data service.

Huawei Skyline Data Card plan

The Huawei router is priced at 299 Yuan, meanwhile, the package is only available for pre-order at present. Buyers can also choose between two color options- black and white. As of now, you can check the available deposit and discount list below.

  • Standard package: 100 yuan deposit to 130 yuan
  • Monthly package: 100 yuan deposit to 130 yuan
  • Annual package: 100 yuan deposit to 220 yuan

 Huawei Skyline Data Card plan

About Huawei Skyline Data Card:

This Router X Skyline data card has entered in the online stores on 29th June with a monthly data offering of 2000GB and an additional 5GB data package. This portable mobile network card has adopted a slim design and has easy operational methods.

To be more detailed, it offers plug a Nano-SIM card and a 2-step configuration method. It comes with a unique QR code for providing a separate identification and an ultra-high network speed.

In addition, it supports automatic switching when the network is disconnected. Besides, it performs well in synchronization with the Huawei WiFi 3. However, you can not buy this data card separately, and it’s only compatible with Huawei devices.

(Via- Mydrivers)

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