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Huawei’s self-developed Harmony kernel is 3 times more efficient than Linux



Huawei Harmony kernel Linux

HarmonyOS NEXT equips the self-developed Harmony kernel of Huawei which is three times more efficient than the traditional Linux used in other operating systems. Besides, the company has eliminated the use of Linux or Unix.

The CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group – Yu Chengdong cited that the company has made a true OS this time which installs the full-stack self-developed technologies and doesn’t rely upon the U.S. traditional Linux cores.

Huawei has used effective internal components that can suit all kinds of devices in the ecosystem including smartphones, foldable, tablets, and more.

On the flip side, Huawei has implemented its own Harmony kernel for HarmonyOS NEXT which can surpass the memory efficiency of Linux cores by three times. The OS cores have adopted a new ‘heterogeneous native’ like mechanism that offers an extremely smooth experience.

Huawei Harmony kernel Linux

Meanwhile, it improves the memory management regulation by three times which makes HarmonyOS NEXT better than other operating systems. Ahead, the latest software system has qualified for 3 highest-level security certifications in the industry and bears kernel-level security.

Consequently, the overall aim of HarmonyOS NEXT is to bring an optimized privacy framework that can upgrade privacy protection for users as well as reduce the risk of data or information leakage from internal systems.

Moreover, the original and self-developed components of HarmonyOS NEXT acted as a turning point as it freed the OS that has relied on U.S. technologies for years. It further has in-built AI large model capabilities to offer smarter services and fix system vulnerabilities at the earliest.

Eventually, HarmonyOS NEXT will be a significant move taken by the company to make its presence self-reliant and strong in the market.

Huawei Harmony kernel Linux


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