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HarmonyOS NEXT is true operating system with self-developed components: Huawei CEO



HarmonyOS NEXT real operating system

During the HarmonyOS Ecosystem development event, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group – Yu Chengdong elaborated on the new software product and said that HarmonyOS NEXT is a real operating system.

Yu described that Huawei has implemented self-developed components and technologies to HarmonyOS NEXT which makes it an independent and real operating system. It can easily work and operate on a variety of devices without interrupting the user experience.

On the other hand, the new HarmonyOS NEXT bears the full-stack AI framework that brings advanced facilities and functions on board. The company has done thorough research on the internal parameters of an OS and brought the latest features to the table.

Eventually, HarmonyOS NEXT is not an Android skin but a true OS. It doesn’t run on a primitive Linux Kernel that’s used to bind the operating system in the U.S. hands. Instead, it has self-developed large models, design systems, programming frameworks, languages, and more.

Here is what Yu Chengdong said:

“A true operating system must have a base and an ecosystem. HarmonyOS NEXT is a real operating system and not an Android skin.”

HarmonyOS NEXT real operating system

At the HarmonyOS Ecosystem Development event, Huawei shared a list of components that have been imposed on the HarmonyOS NEXT. These are:

  • Pangu AI Model
  • MindSpore AI Framework
  • Integrated development with DevEco Studio/ DevEco Testing
  • HarmonyOS Design
  • ArkUI/ArkUI-X programming framework
  • Ark Compiler/Bisheng Compiler/Ark Runtime
  • ArkTS/Cangjie programming language
  • EROFS/HMDFS distributed file system
  • Harmony kernel

In addition, the CEO and Chairman of 360 Security Technology – Zhou Hongyi said that there is no doubt in Yu Chengdong’s words. Perhaps, the new software system will open a new gateway of advanced features and capabilities for everyone.


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