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Huawei expects completion of 5000 HarmonyOS native apps by the end of 2024



5000 HarmonyOS native apps 2024

Huawei is looking forward to major achievements this year with the all-new HarmonyOS NEXT software system. The company expects that 5000 apps will complete HarmonyOS native app development by the end of 2024.

During the HarmonyOS Ecosystem development event, the President of Huawei Device Cloud – Zhu Yonggang mentioned that the HarmonyOS  NEXT will soon leap into the second phase with a significant increment in its growth.

Eventually, the company will collaborate with more developers and new partners from enterprises and educational institutes. It will also train 100,000+ developers every month to stimulate the HarmonyOS Ecosystem development.

The strategy further involves the launch of a 7 billion ‘Shine Star Plan’ to promote eco-friendly innovations like HarmonyOS native apps, meta-services, and SDKs. To date, Huawei has joined hands with many partners, covering at least 18 fields like games, communication, business, and more.

5000 HarmonyOS native apps 2024

Probably by the end of 2024, Huawei will meet the goal of over 5000 HarmonyOS native apps development completion. Meanwhile, Zhu added that he expects to see this number exceed 500000 apps in the time ahead.

A similar achievement was made by Apple when it obtained 1.78 million apps on the official App Store by the end of 2022. Though Huawei is initiating with small objectives to meet a new milestone.

The Deputy Secretary-General of the Internet Society of China – Dai Wei is inviting more Chinese firms to associate with the industrial chain development and promote the growth of the HarmonyOS Ecosystem for a bright future.

Huawei is putting every effort that can bring benefits to both developers and users. The aim is to provide such a software version and app ecosystem that is far ahead of the previous builds with better fluency, smarter features, and safer operations.

5000 HarmonyOS native apps 2024


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