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Huawei’s second quarter growth affected by negative headlines: Market Analyst



As we’ve seen previously Huawei is expected to see a decline in its smartphone market growth in the upcoming quarter due to the US trade restriction but a market researcher claims the decline is also a result of bad media headlines.

US-China trade talks expected to stay low until the US removes Huawei from the blacklist

According to the data shown by industry analyst Kantar, Huawei’s smartphone market share for the second quarter share are down in June, affected by negative headlines about the company.

In May, Huawei was placed in US Entity List, which prohibits the company from buying US Technologies but after US Commerce Department will now provide additional licenses to resume selling to Huawei after Trump’s ease in restriction for Huawei.

The headlines played a major role to create doubts among Huawei consumers who seek to upgrade on other brands as some of them as still waiting for clearance on the company’s future.

The analyst says Huawei combined with its sub-brand Honor is close to making up one in every two sales in China in Q2 with a total share of 46.1% share. The analyst also said Huawei’s strong performance in its home ground will help the company to retain its position in the global market amid a small decline its total growth.

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