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Huawei’s Picture-in-Picture Camera Preview: Everything you need to know



The world is really so big and beautiful to explore when you go out and everyone wants to keep wonderful memories because they bring you back to that time. To capture or save moments a smartphone with good camera quality with advanced features is needed.

For a long time, Huawei is known for its best camera technology that provides you various features that you may hard to find in any other smartphone manufacturer and offers different kinds of camera modes to suit your needs.

While taking pictures, zoom capturing and shooting close-ups may not be difficult but when it comes to zoom shooting, the viewing angle is too small to get the full picture. In this situation, you can use the picture-in-picture function to see distant scenery in front of you, just like an ultra-high-speed positioning lens, and you can easily zoom in with full HD vision.

Talking about the functioning, the picture-in-picture preview for zoom shooting allows you to preview the entire image of the subject on the screen during zoom shooting. If you want to take a long shot with the rear lens, start the camera and then use gestures to adjust the focal length. If the zoom exceeds 15x, the entire image of the subject is projected on the upper left of the screen, and the captured image can be previewed.

At this time, the display size of the picture-in-picture does not change, and the focal length can be readjusted. The field of view of the inner frame is the same as the field of view of the preview zoom view. This makes it easy to check the shooting position during long-focus shooting.

Moreover, Huawei’s flagship smartphones already support this picture-in-picture preview camera feature. The picture-in-picture frame view adjusts according to the size of the focal length. The larger the focal length, the smaller the inner frame view will appear. You can zoom up to 50x, and the inner frame of the picture-in-picture at that time is the minimum value.

How to use picture-in-picture preview:

  • Open the camera on your smartphone.
  • Move to the normal shooting screen.
  • Tap the zoom icon to adjust the focal length until the zoom is at least 15x.
  • Then, the picture-in-picture preview is available on the screen.

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