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Huawei’s comeback will affect every company including Apple: OPPO Executive



Huawei comeback Apple OPPO

The comeback of Huawei in the smartphone business will significantly affect several tech vendors in the market including Apple, said OPPO. The Find X6 Pro maker is quite optimistic regarding Huawei’s growth and its return in the premium phone franchise.

During the OPPO Find X7 series launch event, the company’s Chief Product Officer – Liu Zuohu also known as Pete Lau cited that Huawei’s return to the premium phone market will make a noteworthy impact on Apple and other tech firms.

Adding more, the executive said that iPhone sales will be the most affected by Huawei’s comeback in the future. Apple is already losing its shares in the Chinese market and the extension of the Huawei business could make the scenario worse for the American firm.

Liu describes the current flagship device market conditions based on the past six months. The consumers’ focus has suddenly shifted towards the premium handsets which has helped the Mate series developer to pace ahead in the race.

Eventually, this lead will help Huawei to give a tough spot to other smartphone makers on the competition ground. Moreover, if the company continues to invent prominent products, the sales results will generally be positive.

In addition, Liu Zouhu pointed out that every company has to work on certain new features that can make their device stand unique. A leading subject in this matter is AI technology and many phone manufacturers are opting for it.

Huawei comeback Apple OPPO

Huawei’s Journey:

After constant trading difficulties and U.S. sanctions, Huawei has received the fastest growth with the introduction of the Mate 60 series. Meanwhile, the company reportedly plans to increase its smartphone shipments this year.

In the upcoming months, the Chinese tech player will show its trump cards in the form of a new foldable P70 lineup with more interesting features. Besides, Apple has seen a recent decline of 30% in sales revenue in China.

With these facts, OPPO believes that the comeback of Huawei could have an important impact on Apple and other companies.


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