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Huawei claims eleventh rank in the Top 50 U.S. patent companies ranking



Huawei eleventh Top 50 US patent ranking

IDI research organization has published the Top 50 list of US patent companies 2023 report and Huawei has achieved eleventh position in this ranking. Despite applying for significant patent applications, the company’s results have dropped from the listing.

As per the latest report, the Chinese tech giant has obtained approval for 2068 patents in the U.S. in 2023. Notably, the number has fallen by 768 applications, compared to the year 2022. Huawei received a decline of 27% YoY which sent it to the eleventh mark in the Top 50 list of the US patent companies ranking.

So far, the Chinese firm has been standing at the fourth position in the US patent ranking till 2022. But the new decline pushed it to the eleventh place. Still, the company is constantly issuing new patents with innovative techs that can lead to the welfare of both the industry and consumers.

Meanwhile, Samsung is at the first rank with 6165 patents. Besides, Qualcomm and TSMC follow at the second and third positions with 3854 and 3687 patents respectively.

Huawei eleventh Top 50 US patent ranking

In terms of R&D development, Huawei is doing great work and achieved fifth position in the global R&D investment ranking. This has made the company – China’s largest R&D investor with around 20.92 billion euros. But it seems the tech giant needs to put stress on the patent applications, especially in the U.S.

A major reason behind the patent applications decline could be the increase in tension between the Chinese and the U.S. authorities. On the flip side, Huawei is stripping off its public relations in the U.S. and Canada which could have affected the patent subject. It would be worth seeing how the company will pace in this race in the time ahead.


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