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Huawei XMAGE 2.0 will launch with P60 Series



Huawei XMAGE

Huawei XMAGE first debuted with Mate 50 series and the company is preparing to launch XMAGE 2.0 with the Huawei P60 series later this month.

According to the input coming from Weibo tipster Classmateguan, Huawei will launch new imaging capabilities with XMAGE 2.0. Since the Huawei P60 series destined to bring this new tech to the P series, it will definitely be the latest version.

There is more information required about the quality enhancement of XMAGE 2.0 but one thing is certain that we’ll get some new photographic capabilities with the Huawei P60 series.

Huawei XMAGE 2.0


With the outcast of Leica, Huawei launched its own imaging solution for flagship devices, XMAGE. It focuses on four imaging systems: Optical system, mechanical structure, imaging technology, and image processing.

From the four dimensions of optomechanical computing, the entire system of XMAGE imaging system is combined. The combined forces brings a brand new user experience for the users.

huawei xmage camera

For example, the super-optical variable camera on the Huawei Mate 50 series adopts XMAGE technology with variable aperture, which can achieve a ten-stop adjustable aperture at the physical level, bringing technological breakthroughs in three optical systems.

XMAGE also brings new color enhancements suitable for various real-time photography scenarios. Other than XMAGE, the Huawei P60 series will also equip variable aperture hardware, which boasts new image quality.

Three Versions:

The tipster bets on three Huawei P60 series models, P60, P60 Pro, and P60 Ultra. The latter two models will pack with high-end specs, especially the camera section.

However, there could be more hardware changes coming our way with these new devices. Furthermore, the Huawei P60 series could also surprise us with the next generation of satellite communication features for tow way SMS conversations without a mobile network.

Moreover, people looking forward to this flagship could tune in on March 23 for the unveiling.


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