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Huawei launches Table Lamp with HarmonyOS features



HarmonyOS table lamp

Aside from the tech companies, the electronics industry is also taking advantage of the HarmonyOS operating system. Recently, a company named Dalen, jointly worked with Huawei to launch a smart table lamp powered by HarmonyOS.

The Huawei Dalen Smart Desk Lamp 3i has new optical quality from China’s A to AA standards. This table lamp comes with smart interaction powered by Huawei HiLink and HarmonyOS Connect operating system.

The technical specifications reveals that the Table Lamp 3i has improved light quality as compared to the predecessor. The lamp has increased 48 to 76 high-quality lamp beads, which enables a broad illumination.

HarmonyOS table lamp

It could easily scale up light to a 1.2-meter desk with a wide color rendering index that touches 95.

The lamp is tuned to provide vibrant color temperature for focused reading and writing experience, and also to reduce eye strain. The lamp beads have a long-standing life of 50,000 hours, which is based on 12 hours a day of use case and could work up to 10 years.

The HarmonyOS powered table lamp brings a smart connection feature. Once connected, users can control the lamp directly from a smartphone.

HarmonyOS table lamp

With smart interactions, you can also control light intensity and switch it on/off the lamp. Furthermore, the table lamp will let you control the features via voice commands. This is an amazing use case of HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS table lamp

Looking more into the design, the Smart Desk Lampp 3i gets you a new three-dimensional night light structure. Since it’s a separate light, the lamp will allow the user to shine up soft fainted warm yellow light with low contrast, which enables a traditional desk lamp use case. You can also adjust the sleep time with a dedicated smartphone widget.

night light


The HarmonyOS Smart Desk Lamp 3i is priced at 129 yuan and it is currently on discount with an overall price of 119 yuan in China.

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