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Italy government permits Vodafone to use Huawei 5G equipment under some restriction




According to Reuters, the Vodafone Italian subsidiary can use Huawei 5G equipment for the wireless network under some restrictions placed by the government.

The people related to this matter have revealed that the Italian government has given the green signal to the corporation between Vodafone and Huawei on May 20. However, these firms have to follow some mandatory rules.

This deal is authorized by Prime Minister Mario Draghi following the clause under the “golden powers”, from which the Italian government can make the rules more severe or even can block the deals.

Under those restrictions, Huawei won’t able to look after the technical failures in the Vodafone network web remotely and the security approach must be very high to secure the privacy of the consumers.

Since the last year, Italy has been corporating with Huawei and adopting a more strict attitude, and not completely banning the 5G network equipment manufactured by Huawei.

(Source – Reuters)

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