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Huawei will open 500 whole house smart stores in 2022



huawei 500 whole house

During the Spring product launch conference in China, Huawei announced that it aims to open 500 smart whole-house solution stores in 2022 across. This is a great move from the Chinese tech maker that will allow consumers to get these new smart house solutions and expand their reach.

Last November, Huawei opened its largest whole house smart solution store in Beijing, It follows the concept of creating a full-scenario smart space and bringing digitization to every family in life.

This Huawei whole-house smart authorized experience store located in Beijing aims to provide consumers with high-end, technological visual images and better-quality living expanses.

huawei 500 whole house

Huawei Whole House Solution:

Huawei Whole House Smart is a system-level solution. One of the core components is the central control module, which is the whole house, intelligent host. This host is the first home smart host with a modular design. It is officially claimed to be a “smart brain” that integrates learning, computing, and decision-making in the home.

Moreover, this whole-house smart host is equipped with HarmonyOS (Hongmeng OS) for the first time and has a HarmonyOS AI engine with high efficiency, large computing power, and multi-threading capabilities. It can collect and calculate Huawei 1+8+N terminal data, sensor data, and Internet data in real-time.

Pass the two networks to the HarmonyOS AI engine, then call the scene model, perform real-time analysis and calculation locally, form the most reasonable decision, control the equipment to execute various scenarios, and realize multi-condition dynamic prediction and active intelligence.

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