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Huawei released whole house smart products, 2 rooms and 1 hall price starting at 39,999 yuan



Huawei whole house smart products

On March 16, Huawei has hosted a Huawei Whole House Smart and Full Scene New Product Spring Conference 2022 in China. At the event, Richard Yu (Yu Chengdong) unveiled the Huawei whole house smart new products for consumers. Huawei’s new whole house smart products are released including smart host SE, with 128 PLC nodes, and a smart central control screen.

According to the pricing, a proper apartment of 80 square meters size that has 2 bedrooms and 1 hall starts at 39,999 yuan (6299.05 USD). Interested users can go to the official website to reserve an offline store experience. Now, Huawei has now opened 64 whole-house smart authorized experience stores in 43 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Changsha in China.

Huawei said, “The whole-house smart 1+2+N solution is heavily upgraded, making future life more convenient and beautiful, and bringing warmer whole-house intelligence.”

Huawei whole house smart products

According to Huawei, it is the AI ​​hub of the whole house and realizes cross-system management in the whole house. It is also the interconnection hub of the whole house: the intelligent host SE has PLC128 nodes, a high-speed connection, stable and reliable. Ensure that the device is disconnected from the Internet and continuously connected, giving you a full sense of security.

Huawei’s new whole-house smart products use a smart central control screen and an integrated suspension design, showing a sense of future technology in the face of different environments in the morning, noon, and evening, AI realizes active prediction and allocates a suitable home environment for you. The 9.2mm ultra-thin smart panel integrates six major controls: scene, lighting, shading, fresh air, floor heating, and air conditioning. Centralized control and natural interaction bring innovation in spatial interaction.

Further, Huawei said that the master of whole-house intelligent body system management has heavily upgraded the top ten systems of the whole house, focusing on enhancing the experience of smart scenarios. The high-level scene computing architecture actively recommends more suitable scenes.

The powerful AI sensor realizes rich application scenarios such as air-conditioning to avoid people and intelligent care for the elderly to create a temperature-sensitive intelligence. And it has abundant ecological support from HarmonyOS to meet different household needs.

Huawei whole house smart products

(Via: ithome)

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