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Huawei certified OpenHarmony products to grow device ecosystem



Huawei OpenHarmony Certificate

As per the latest information, Huawei has officially released OpenHarmony products certification that has passed compatibility assessment. It also authorizes the use of the OpenHarmony Compatability Logo on its products, packaging, and marketing materials for products that have been evaluated.

This new Huawei OpenHarmony certification procedure has confirmed the commitment to the ecosystem partners since the establishment of the compatibility working group, and also represents the recognition of the OpenHarmony Project group and also represents the recognition of the OpenHarmony project group to the partners who support the compatibility work.

The enterprise develops, manufactures, or sells modules development boards, distribution software, and equipment using all or some part of the OpenHarmony operating system.

In this scenario, Huawei has published two types of certifications including:

  1. Development boards, modules, and software distributions
  2. Equipment (grants the right to use the compatibility specific logo)

Huawei OpenHarmony certification


OpenHarmony is the open-source project of the HarmonyOS operating system, which is open source for developers. Following its launch, Huawei donated the source code to OpenAtom foundation, which is responsible for the development of the entire operating system.

OpenHarmony has been the base of HarmonyOS and HarmonyOS Connect operating systems. Of which, HarmonyOS Connect is primarily used for low memory IoT and smart home devices as well as other electronics products.

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