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Huawei and Changan Automobile aims to releases 105 smart car models in the next five years, new car brand launching soon



The cooperation of Huawei with Changan Automobile, and Ningde Times has long been the topic of discussion for the yet-to-be-revealed mysterious high-end electric car brand under the CNH project.

Previously, Changan Automobile Group shares some news about the mysterious brand on the social networking platform saying that this high-profile vehicle will be unveiled soon but didn’t disclose any species month, date, and venue.

According to the latest news coming from the China Business, this mysterious car brand (AB brand) will soon be released within this month. Furthermore,  this AB brand will develop individually, conduct market-oriented procedures independently, integrate strategic partner support, and have an independent listing plan.

The brand features automotive application ecology, Vehicle OS, computing and communication architecture, high-voltage systems, and chassis machinery along with the “Ring car home” smart life and smart energy ecology.

The executive vice president of Changan Automobile, Tan Benhong stated that Changan New Energy and AB Automobile are two independent operating companies with different product brands and specialties. It covers different market segments and delivers the products and services to customers.


Both firms- Huawei and Changan have been working together at the starting of 2018. Later, on January 15th, 2019 the patterns made public their strategic corporation and working plan.

These fellow companies are working on a brand new car ecosystem, L4 autonomous driving, 5G Internet of Vehicles, C-V2X, and more than 10 advanced technologies, which are under development.

Future plans:

According to the Chairman of Changan Automobile, Zhu Huarong, 105 new models are set to releases in the next five years, which will cover 23 new energy models.


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