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Huawei welcomes 10,000 new HarmonyOS developers



HarmonyOS developer training camp

Huawei recently held a new HarmonyOS training camp to help boost the app ecosystem and grow developers.

The training camp focused on the development of the HarmonyOS ecosystem, perspectives of the HarmonyOS operating system, and the development of HarmonyOS native apps as well as meta-services.

During the three-day training, there are over 10 Huawei HarmonyOS technology experts who will help the attendees understand the app development and promote innovation within HarmonyOS ecosystem talent development.

Additionally, some Huawei insiders revealed that over 10,000 new HarmonyOS developers registered to become a part of the HarmonyOS ecosystem development team.

HarmonyOS developer training camp

Aside from that major companies’ names including Meituan, Baidu, Qunar, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Postal Savings Bank of China, and many other internet giants also participated in the training camp.

Some developers from the training camp expressed that the corresponding companies have completed the development of HarmonyOS native applications. This is a preparation when HarmonyOS will no longer support Android apps.

At the Huawei developer conference in August, Huawei announced plans to launch a full native apps-supported version of the HarmonyOS operating system. The aim of this new HMOS is to provide a better user experience with fast performance.

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