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Huawei launches new OceanStor Pacific 9920 and Dorado 2100 flash storage products



Huawei OceanStor Pacific 9920 Dorado 2100

At Huawei CONNECT 2023 in Paris, Huawei launched two new ICT all-flash storage products including OceanStor Pacific 9920 and OceanStor Dorado 2100 with more efficient and reliable data centers.

Huawei said that the new bandwidth of new flash storage products is 28 times higher than hard disk drives (HDDs). However, this new performance also comes with energy efficiency.

In terms of specifications OceanStor Pacific 9920, an SSD-baseed scale-out storage system brings high-performance SSDs and new data reduction algorithms. It can deliver a single-disk capacity of 30.72TB and a 2U-space capacity of up to 768TB.

Huawei OceanStor Pacific 9920 Dorado 2100

This product supports single-node bandwidth of up to 20GB/s and an IOPS of 800,00. The data reduction algorithm can help in the reduction of power consumption to 1.04W per terabyte to support green data centers.

On the other hand, the OceanStor Dorado 2100 storage system has an active-active (A-A) NAS architecture for SMBs. It is built to provide ease of deployment, reliability, and efficiency. The Dorado 2100 boosts up to 90% faster delivery than traditional solutions at a TCO that is up to 30% lower than other vendors in the industry, claims the company.

The A-A NAS architecture brings four-layer 99.9999% reliability and Huawei will offer 24/7 business continuity.

Yang Chaobin, Director of the Board and President of ICT Product and Solutions at Huawei said that OceanStor Pacific 9920 and OceanStor Dorado 2100 are perfect for enterprises to get high performance, reliable services and reduce power consumption.


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