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Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro Tip: How to start workout and track your records



At Huawei Developers Conference 2020, Huawei has revealed a number of new smart products and the latest updates on HarmonyOS, HMS, EMUI 11, and more to provide a new and improved user experience.

In this line, Huawei has introduced a smart wearable, Watch GT 2 Pro in the existing Watch GT 2 series. Furthermore, at Huawei Mate 40 launch event in China, the company unveiled this watch with four variants on home ground.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro features a 13.9-inch circular display with touch support, 32MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage, 100+ workout modes, monitoring feature, and more.

Furthermore, Huawei has introduced new workout modes including Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, and Golf Driving Range. These join the existing range to provide users with real-time performance tracking and analyses for professional sports.

Below you can check How to start the workout and monitor your workout records.

How to start workout mode on your Watch GT Pro 2:

  • Open the app list of your watch and select the Workout option.
  • Select the workout mode or add the other workout according to your need.
  • Touch the start icon to start the mode.
  • To stop, press the up button and then click on the red stop icon or hold the up button to end a workout.

To Check workout records:

  • In-app list, open the Workout records.

Workout records provide you the detailed workout records data including the training effect, speed, cadence, climbed distance, heart rate graph, heart rate zone, cadence graph, pace graph, and VO2Max.

How to start workout mode using Huawei Health App:

  • Connect your watch with your smartphone and open the Huawei Health App.
  • Open the Exercise, choose the workout mode.
  • Select the start icon to start the workout.
  • Once you have started a workout, your watch will sync and display your workout heart rate, step count, speed, and time.
  • During a workout, the Huawei Health app displays the workout time and other data.

To Check workout records:

  • Open Exercise records on the Health screen in the Huawei Health App.

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