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Huawei Watch Children 5X will bring detachable dual face display



Huawei Watch Children 5X

And here comes another product! Huawei will launch the Watch Children 5X wearable gadget on December 2. This is the most appealing product in the smartwatch category with a detachable dual-face display.

The company has shared a giant teaser of Huawei Watch Children 5x on the Weibo platform. Alongside the launch date, the tech maker attached an interesting tagline to the promo poster:

“safety protection, more than one side”

Undoubtedly, the caption reflects the eye-catching design and layout of the new wearable. Ultimately, users will find a flip-flop mechanism on the watch dial. In other words, it will seem like having two watches with one strap.

Yes, you read it right. Huawei has once again brought the term “detachable” to the surface. After the Watch GT Cyber separable dial, the company invented another product with a similar mechanism.

Huawei Watch Children 5X

Detachable dual-face mechanism

The official teaser shows a huge image of the Huawei Watch Children 5x device. Consequently, the product adopts a color display screen on the front panel and a black and white LCD screen for the flip side.

Moreover, both sides contain a mini lens to conduct video calls and other optical functions. The overall appearance shows a robust structure with elegant colors. Other than this, we could find some more interesting tweaks at the launch event.

Huawei Watch Childern 4X

Huawei launched the Watch Children 4x in July 2020. The wrist gadget appeared with a mecha layout and a 5MP front camera. Further, it works non-stop with a 2-day battery life and supports various technologies. For instance, Alipay scan code payment, voice assistant, and more.

The new product launch event is just two days away and the list of devices is daily bringing new additions to the surface. It would be worth seeing what more surprises the new Watch Children 5x has packed in its bag for users.

Huawei Watch Children 5X

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