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Huawei gets fifth position in Q3 2022 global wearables market: Report



Huawei Q3 2022 global wearables

A market research firm has published the Q3 2022 global wearables shipment report, in which, Huawei has successfully attained the fifth position. On the other hand, the company is at the top in the Chinese market.

As per the latest information, the global wearables shipment has reached 49 million units. As a result, the market share increased by 3.4% on yearly basis. Though the overall growth rate is minimal, Huawei managed to score good grades.

Adding more to this, Huawei has landed on the fifth rank with 7% of the global smart wearables market share in Q3 2022. Comparatively, the result shows a decline of 29% in annual growth. However, it seems like the upcoming  Watch Buds product will surely add new hype to this scenario.

On the sideways, Apple is leading the market with a 20% market share, followed by Samsung with 10%. The list further shows Xiaomi and Noise with 9% and 7% of the market share respectively.

Huawei at first in China!

In addition to the global wearables market, Canalys has also released the Chinese wearable market report for Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi, and XTC (Xiaotiancai). Consequently, Huawei has secured the first rank in the native region.

The tech maker has gained an overall market share of 24%. Again, there is a decrement of 27% in the annual growth. Despite the shrink in growth, the company continues to lead the wearables market in China.

Notably, Huawei has done some seamless work with its wearables. That is why the company always grabs a place among the top vendors in the world as well as in the hometown.

In the third quarter of this year, Huawei launched a handful of new smartwatches for its consumers. These include Huawei Watch Fit 2, and Huawei Watch 3 Pro new. Both devices offer innovative features at an affordable rating.

More devices to come!

Huawei constantly makes efforts to fulfill the demands of its users. In the latest edition, the company is preparing for the Watch Buds and a new set of earbuds. We will soon get our first glimpse of these smart gadgets.

Huawei Q3 2022 global wearables


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