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Huawei unveils FreeLace Pro 2 globally with 25 hours of battery life, smart ANC 2.0, and more



Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 globally

Huawei has finally introduced the FreeLace Pro 2 globally with a range of significant upgrades and features. The neck-mounted headphone carries a soothing design with a flexible structure that aims to provide comfort at every point of usage.

Let’s take a detailed look at the new Huawei FreeLace Pro 2!


  • Huawei HiPair
  • High-Res Sound Quality
  • 25 hours of battery life
  • Smart ANC 2.0


Starting with the appearance, Huawei has launched the FreeLace Pro 2 globally with a subtle and reliable outlook. It bears an 875mm length including the earbuds and M-sized ear tips and weighs around 34.5 grams.

The neckband earphones appear in two colors: Green and Black. It has a comfortable and versatile design that neither hurts nor makes your ear feel packed. It brings three sizes of soft ear tips to get the ideal fit for you. Besides, the neckband cable is also airy-light, skin-soothing, and flexible.

FreeLace Pro 2 supports IP55 water and splash resistance and you can enjoy your music in the rain or at an intense workout without stressing about its damage.

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 globally


Huawei imposes a 150mAh cell on each earbud and it takes about 60 minutes to charge the device via USB-C wired charging.

Just like its predecessors, the FreeLace Pro 2 features 25 hours battery life when disabled in the ANC mode. One can use the device for 5 hours straight with suitable connection quality and audio experience by giving it 5 minutes of charging.

At the same time, consumers can attach the earbuds magnetically to save power and separate them to resume listening when they’re ready. Ahead, the device has certain functional buttons that let you jump on your favorite song quickly:

  • Click once: Play/Pause the song or answer/end a call
  • Click twice: Skip to the next track
  • Click three times: Return to the previous track
  • Hold down for 2 seconds to make Bluetooth pairing/reject a call
  • Control area on left earbud: Switch between noise cancellation modes
  • Power Switch: Flip the Power switch to see the green dot. The earbuds will automatically enter Pairing mode when turned on for the first time.
Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 globally

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 (Source: Huawei)


The ultimate FreeLace Pro 2 features L2HC and LDAC high-res codecs and supports blazing-fast transmission up to 990kbps. It brings pure high-fidelity sound and uses ultra ultra-magnetic driver which is 50% more powerful than the previous-gen model.

Eventually, the respective earphones can offer 15Hz of the booming base. It also has a four-balanced tube design that ensures a consistent and immersive sound quality of the original recording. Next is an equal-loudness algorithm for adjusting the volume without affecting the overall sound quality.

Intelligent ANC 2.0 switches between three noise cancellation modes to offer an optimal effect. These modes are: Ultra, General, and Cosy – fits as per the surroundings.

  • Ultra: Boosts noise cancellation performance by 30%
  • General: Creates a private listening space to offer immersive audio free from distraction.
  • Cozy: Reduces the presence of common noises

Other features include AI crystal clear calling, 4 digital microphones, 1 MEMS microphone, Bluetooth 5.3, Hall effect sensor, seamless dual-device connections, and Huawei HiPair which supports instant connections and fast charging.

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 globally

Huawei FreeLace Pro 2 (Source: Huawei)


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