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U.S. continues to evaluate if SMIC violated rules to build Huawei chips



U.S. evaluate SMIC Huawei chips

Huawei-U.S. chip war continues as the Biden administration is still looking for evidence and evaluate whether the SMIC has breached its trading rules while making new Kirin chips. However, the authorities have not reached a conclusion yet.

According to a senior executive at the Commerce Department – Alan Estevez China’s SMIC firm might have violated U.S. laws by producing a chipset for the Huawei Mate 60 Pro smartphone. Though there are no major proofs on this subject so far.

“…potentially yes. We will have to assess.”

The matter evaluate if SMIC illegally used U.S. tools and equipment to build the Huawei 7nm Kirin chips. It seems the American authorities are still searching for the answer but haven’t received one even after seven months from the Mate 60 launch.

Since the official unveiling of the Mate 60 Pro equipped with a Kirin 5G chipset, Huawei and SMIC have been eyed at every step. The Biden administration itself investigated the flagship phone to find the hidden details behind its processor.

U.S. evaluate SMIC Huawei chips

U.S. evaluate SMIC chips (Source: Reuters)

Allowance of high-end technologies

Both Chinese firms were sanctioned back in 2019 on security concerns. Since then, the U.S. ensured that these companies remain away from the high-end technologies and advanced equipment to form powerful smartphone chipsets.

Although the Trump era allowed certain items to both parties in the past few years, which seemingly resulted in the formation of a Kirin 7nm chipset.

Despite new regulations on chipmaking tools, SMIC top-end gadgets made it possible to develop a new robust processor. As of now, the U.S. is trying to once again target both these firms and stop them from building advanced 5G chips.

Alan neglected to comment on the ongoing investigations regarding Huawei and SMIC. Yet, he says that there are still some concerning points on the table. Meanwhile, he added that the priorly received tools will turn into bone over time and it will degrade the process in the time ahead.


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