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Huawei triple-foldable phone might debut in June this year



Huawei triple-foldable June

Huawei triple-foldable handset is again amid the spotlight for its launch details and a new leak says that the device could debut in June this year. The latest input is in line with the previous information regarding the device’s official release.

Weibo tipster @FixedFocus says that Huawei could showcase its first triple-foldable smartphone in June this year. While many netizens were expecting the tri-fold launch in May 2024, the tipster cited that users need to wait for a little longer.

The post further reads that the mass production of the triple-foldable handset depends on the debugging results of the device. Here, the term ‘debugging’ reflects the process of finding and fixing errors in the source code of a device (software).

A previous report said that Huawei has geared up the development of its triple-fold phone and may launch it as soon as the second quarter of this year. Thus, things seem to be on track in this matter and we could hear the official launch news soon.

Huawei triple-foldable June

The blogger also mentioned that the world’s first tri-folding product appears mysterious. There aren’t any details of the key specs or other parameters of Huawei’s innovative phone. Yet, it is expected to bring advanced tech-pack features and functionalities.

As per the earlier revelations, Huawei is working on a 10-inch (25.4 cm) triple-folding phone. It will likely carry a tablet-like form factor and mainly target high-end tech vendors’ products such as Samsung Z Fold and Apple iPad.

Moreover, Huawei’s new product may possess the Z-shape when folded twice, exhibiting a dynamic layout. It could act as a game changer in the global smartphone market. Although things are currently behind the scenes, and we need to wait till June for the official inputs on this subject.

Huawei triple-foldable June

Huawei Mate X5 image (Source: Weibo)


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