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Huawei tops the Global Microwave Transmission Equipment Market in 2020: Dell’Oro Group



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A new report from the Dell’Oro group discloses that the microwave transmission equipment market was declined by 6% in 2020 and but is positioned for growth in 2021.

The Vice-President of Dell’Oro group, Jimmy Yu said that For the microwave transmission market sales in 2020, the market environment is very difficult. Of course, the epidemic is the main reason for the market decline, especially in regions where strict travel regulations are imposed on a global scale.

However, after the sharp decline in the first quarter, the market has steadily strengthened throughout the year, resulting in a quarter-on-quarter increase in revenue after the first quarter of 2020.


Reports reveal that Huawei pursues to hold the highest market share every quarter of 2020 and finally the company leads the global microwave transmission market as well as ultimately gained share against some of its competitors in 2020.

Adding to this, Huawei hit its highest market share level in 2020 and also surpassed the previous record, which was set back in 2016. After Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia are placed on the market share list. Both of these companies have gained benefits from the continuous enhancements of the European market.

As per Dell’Oro group data analysis among the six regions, which were tracked only two regions, North America and Europe achieve the year-on-year growth in the fourth quarter and full-year 2020.

 “We believe that the improvement in the North American market is due to the growing demand for public safety and Internet services in the vertical market, while the growth in the European market is due to the growth in demand for mobile backhaul” Jimmy Yu concluded.


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