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Huawei will hold HMS Core CG Kit event on March 10, 2021



According to Huawei Developers Alliance official news, Huawei is going to organize the first live broadcast of the HMS Core Insights in-depth interpretation series on March 10, 2021, at 19:30. HMS Core CG Kit experts will play games with NetEase and take you on a tour of the “high-definition mobile game era driven by innovative technology”.

Huawei Computer Graphics Kit (CG Kit) offers cutting-edge computer graphics capabilities, including CG Rendering Framework, Plug-in System, and GPU Extensions. It allows developers to tap into hardware performance potential and makes the development of high-quality apps easier.

As information suggests this live broadcast will explore the evolution and trend of graphics rendering technology, rendering effects, the balance of performance, and power consumption.

Previously, it was reported that the gaming app achieved close to 11% in both increases in average frame rate and reduction in average power consumption by integrating HMS Core’s Computer Graphics Kit.

The expert in this live broadcast includes Huawei’s graphics eco-technical expert Mark, who is currently serving as HMS Core CG Kit technical master plan. Till now, he led a number of Huawei’s graphics innovation projects and the development of graphics eco-technology.

Additionally, he has 10+year experience in game engine development and a deep understanding of the development trend of computer graphics.

Yang Yang, the head of the engine TA of Netease Game Yinglong Studio, will also attend this live broadcast. He joined Netease Games in 2012 and has long been engaged in engine development and technical art-related work.

As a core member, he participated in the engine architecture design and rendering of the “Tianyu” terminal game. Development. He is currently responsible for the engine and technical artwork of the mobile game “Tianyu” and has extensive experience in the rendering technology, engine architecture, and art production process of next-generation games


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