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Huawei to pre-install software and Yandex voice assistant



Huawei currently in talks with Russian internet group Mail.R and internet giant Yandex to possibly feature their software and services on its smartphones.

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Mail.Ru owns Russian social networks Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. It is developing several messenger services and has an email and browser service.

“Yes, we can confirm the negotiations. We are interested in our products being presented on the maximum number of platforms, including Huawei. Group is open to all mutually beneficial partnerships,” Group told Tass.

It’s also reported that the company is also looking to negotiate with Yandex, the Russian internet corporation to fix deal on its voice assistant in Huawei smartphones.

Alex Zhang, the vice-president of Huawei CBG and president of Huawei Mobile Services. Zhang said he hopes for a good partnership, as Huawei’s devices need a voice assistant.

These new partnerships establishments maybe the results of US business break with software firms including Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others. By reaching new partners, Huawei is securing more options to prevent any service disruptions in the future.

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