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Huawei thanked former smart driving BU president that once made comment on Tesla



Tesla Model S

Former President of Huawei Smart Driving Business Solution has resigned from the division. However, Huawei has decided to pay tribute to the leader by saying thanks for contributing to the responsibilities inside the firm.

Sin technology reported that Huawei smart car BU thanked Su Qing for his contribution to the smart driving business unit. Su Qing has been removed from the company for making inappropriate remarks against American EVs maker – Tesla while talking to a show for autonomous driving technology and safety.

Tesla models s

Once the matter backfired, Huawei removed Su Qing from the position of the director of the intelligent driving product department of BU intelligent vehicle solutions. Su Qing will go to the strategic reserve team for training and assignments.

Su Qing used an unpleasant word to describe the issues with Tesla vehicles. He said machines from the big names such as Tesla cars are causing accidents in human society and “killing peoples” even in the case of autopiloting.

He added that Huawei is working hard to bring solid technologies to decrease the smart car issues. The company (indicating Huawei) wants to overcome the causes as low as possible that are responsible for increasing the accident rate. Read the full story here.

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